For you and those you care for

Individual & Group Practices

Our service is designed to work for anyone that sees patients, from the single practioner to the Mayo Clinic and everything between. That is what we mean by "Fully Scalable".

The list of potential Members includes; all types of Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists & Orthodontists, Ophthalmologists & Optometrists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Counselors, as well as all other Medical Providers.

Your Sales Representative can tell you more about how our service meets your specific needs. What's more, you can pick and choose which features of our service you plan to use and which you don't. This does not diminish the way the service works in any way, however if you choose to begin using some or all of the features, you can start to do so at any time. That is what we mean by "Flexible".

OnlineMedsource has been serving in Physician's offices, in multiple states since fall of 2003 so we are tested, safe and secure. Now as we all know nothing is 100% when it comes to the Internet, but we can tell you that keeping your information safe and accessible are our two highest priorities. We have taken many steps above and beyond the general protocol to safeguard your Patient's information. That is what we mean by "Safe and Secure".