Urgent & Emergency Care

One of the great things about OnlineMedsource's service is that it has the potential to SAVE LIVES. Because the patient's medical data is available from anywhere with Internet connection, you can log on, even from an Emergency Vehicle, and get the life saving information you need, in seconds.

The cold hard fact is that Medicine, in whatever form it takes, is a business. OnlineMedsource helps better prepare your practice all while increasing your profits, sound too good to be true? Think about this. If you own or operate an Urgent Care or Emergency Facility, or even a Family Practice Clinic that takes walk-ins, our service is a simple way to "lock in" your Patient base AND help the Patients in the process.

Send out a mailing to all the people or live or work within 2 or so miles from your location. In that letter or post card, introduce yourself then ask the Patients, even if they have never come to your location or Facility, to log onto your picture of a nurse holding an xray OnlineMedsource practice site. There you can ask them to pre-register, just in case there is a need. Now when little Billy's arm is hanging from the shoulder in a totally new position, or Aunt Tillie suddenly has chest pains, they know where to bring their loved ones. Why? Because they have already filled out the forms, answered all the hard questions and can just focus on comforting their loved one. Keep in mind; you want to be the first to offer this service in your area. Not only will you potentially capture more Patients, you have a higher likelihood of those Patients telling others, who want to come to the Facility that is utilizing today's newest technology.

Innovator of the Year
2007 Innovator of the Year Award Winner