Surgery Centers & Hospitals

Perhaps the best use of our service is in a Hospital or Surgery center. There are so many reasons why this is true, but here are a few that may sound familiar.

You, a family member or a friend are preparing for surgery and plan a hospital stay afterwards. With our service, not only can you complete ALL of the forms in advance you can make decisions on important issues BEFORE there is a need or crisis. For example, the forms will include the Admissions and Release forms, Patient Information and Health History, these are common. But you can also compete forms on Organ Donation, DNR, Advance Directives even a Living Will. Make this decision while your head is clear, or worse by not making these decisions in advance of your stay, you are forcing someone else to make those decisions for you. Let's face it, most of these are unpleasant thoughts, but no where near as unpleasant and forcing someone to decide what they "think" you might want or what they "feel" is best for you, when your life is at stake.

On the lighter side, you can find out about the facility in advance. You can read about the procedure even down load and print the pre and post-op instructions for your procedure and more. The possibilities are endless and the information is invaluable to the patient and their loved ones.

Innovator of the Year
2007 Innovator of the Year Award Winner