Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Counselors

Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Counseling Practices are a bit different than the typical medical offices. Just as the Ophthalmologists & Optometrists are considered, first line of defense docs, so are our Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Counselors. However because the information they transcribe about their patients is highly confidential, our system includes a special feature with these healthcare providers in mind. As we mentioned before, with our service, you need only to choose the Patient you want to refer on, check the box that disallows the patient notes to go with the record and then click on the member Physician that the record is going to and the record is now available to the new practioner. If you have more questions about how our service can help you in your practice, just contact your OnlineMedsource sales Representative. He or she will be happy to assist you.

Your Sales Representative can also tell you more about how our service meetsyour specific needs. What's more, you can pick and choose which features of our service you plan to use and which you don't. This does not diminish the way the service works in any way, however if you choose to begin using some or all of the features, you can start to do so at any time.

OnlineMedsource has been up and running in medical offices and facilities, in multiple states since the fall of 2003. We are tested, safe and secure. Now as we all know nothing is 100% when it comes to the Internet, but we can tell you that keeping your information safe and accessible are our two highest priorities. We have taken many steps above and beyond the general protocol to safeguard your Patient's information. That is what we mean by "Safe and Secure".

Innovator of the Year
2007 Innovator of the Year Award Winner