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At OnlineMedsource, we understand how important your patients are to you. We also know how you rely on your patients to provide you with the most accurate information concerning their health status. OnlineMedsource provides a way to more accurately and efficiently get the needed health data so you can spend more quality time with each patient. Patients can now provide critically needed specifics about their health status and list their current medications all while accurately describing their health concern in advance of the appointment. This is all done from home and at the patient's convenience.

Patients who complete the forms online are more forthcoming in describing their medical concerns so that you are better informed before you even greet the patient. The online forms are simple for patients to complete and you and your staff will appreciate the detailed information that is legible and complete.

This online pre-registration is one of the many services provided by OnlineMedsource that can save your practice time, money and increase practice efficiency. A Sales Representative can explain more about how our service meets the specific needs of your individual or group practice.

Innovator of the Year
2007 Innovator of the Year Award Winner