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As a primary care Physician, Specialist or Surgeon, you rely on your patients to provide the most accurate information concerning their health status. Also, as a busy professional, we know it can be time consuming to find out the real reason your patient made the appointment. With OnlineMedsource, patients can now provide critically needed specifics about their health status from home. They can list their current medications; accurately describe their health concern in advance of the appointment and even list questions they have for their Physician.

When patients pre-register from home, they spend far less time in your waiting room and can be seen more quickly. Your nurse will spend less time prepping the patient and you will know precisely what brought them in and what questions they have for you. Imagine, being able to spend all of your Physician-patient time actually discussing the issues at hand. Thus virtually eliminating the questions and call-backs after an appointment.

Pre-registration online from the patient's home is one of the many services provided by OnlineMedsource that will save your practice time, money and increase practice efficiency.

If you would like to know more, or to schedule a personal demonstration of how our service can help you and your staff please contact us and we will connect you with a Sales Representative.

OnlineMedsource, it's for you and those you care for.

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