Jails, Prisons & Correctional Facilities

Whenever someone is arrested and/or sentenced to prison or some type of correctional facility, the county, state or federal government assumes total responsibility for the care, feeding and health of the individual. In many ways the combined correctional systems comprise the largest single healthcare authority in the United States.

Unlike the way inmates are portrayed on television and in movies, most inmates arrive in prison with chronic medical problems and often suffer from an array of health problems. Given longer and stiffer sentences, much of the prison population is aging, with many inmates well past the age of fifty and an increasing percentage being in their sixties and seventies. For these reasons, healthcare is a serious problem for every prison system in America. The prisoners do not arrive, as a rule, with any medical records or history, knowledge of their required medications, or any idea as to how to access any records that might be of use in treating their illnesses.

Practically every jail contracts for health care with a local dentist, physician and pharmacy. Picture of African American Police Officer State and federal prisons all have outpatient clinics and inpatient infirmaries to treat the medical needs of the prison population. When necessary, severely ill or injured patients are treated in contracted critical care facilities. Almost every state employs pharmacists, physicians, dentists, psychiatrists and associated healthcare professionals to address the medical issues of the inmates.

OnlineMedsource offers a web-based interactive personal information system that is secure, scalable, and easy to use. When a prisoner is booked into jail or processed into prison, the staff may log into our system through a secure link and complete a system specific health record and medical history. As part of the intake packet, each inmate receives an identification card that authorizes limited access to the inmate's medical history. Primary features include:

  • No software, hardware or maintenance contracts to purchase
  • Every system-specific form available online in an interactive format
  • Specific security code for every inmate
  • Access limited to those with a "need to know"
  • Information may be updated online
  • May be transferred from facility to facility and be maintained after release, for no additional charge
  • Information is transmitted and available real-time
  • Plus much more

To learn how OnlineMedsource can assist your institution to provide a critical service to your staff and health care providers, contact our home office at (405) 701-0295 or email us at info@onlinemedsource.org.

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