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An estimated three in ten Americans holds an active membership in a health club, gym or spa of some kind. The ages range from toddlers to centenarians. Each individual has their own work routine, their own exercise level and their own goals.

Each time someone arrives to work-out, they bring with them a unique set of medical needs and issues. Few people carry identification when working out, much less medical information cards. Workout arenas inherently are places of opportunity for accidents, over-exertion, and other medical emergencies that might need immediate treatment. Few, if any of members' health issues or health history will be will be known by the staff or volunteers.

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OnlineMedsource offers a web-based interactive personal information system that is secure, scalable, and easy to use. When member enrolls, one benefit of membership could be membership in the OnlineMedsource system. While the member would have full access to the information, the facility would have access to information vital to the treatment and care of the individual in the first few minutes following an incident. Primary features of the OnlineMedsource system include:

  • No software, hardware or maintenance contract to purchase
  • Every system-specific form available online in an interactive format
  • Specific security code for every individual
  • Access limited to those with a "need to know"
  • Online updating of information
  • Plus much more

To learn how OnlineMedsource can assist your workout facility, spa or gymnasium to use this system to provide a critical service to your staff and membership, contact our home office at (405) 701-0295 or email us at

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