First Responders

Imagine, if your local Fire Department could offer their community a service that not only could save time it save lives as well. Here is an example of how OnlineMedsource can help your agency or community. Have your citizens complete your forms online, from home. Now, in case of an emergency, the Fire Department knows the number of residents in the house hold, any obsticles such as bars on the windows, perhaps a very good guard dog. Maybe it alerts them to an invalid in the NW bedroom. No matter what information you share with the Fire Department, imagine the peace of mind you would having knowing that in case of fire, they know exactly where you are and what they need to know to quickly save yours and your family's lives.

Picture of an ambulance

Ambulance drivers can also benefit from some of the information listed above. Of course, you would also want to include potentially life-saving health information. Blood type, medications, medical conditions and more.

The service is simple to implement and of great value to any community. Let us show you how we can customize this service to be of direct help to the public. Just contact on of our OnlineMedsource Representatives today. Or you can call or email us directly at

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