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In loco parentis. These three Latin words, translated "In place of the parent" give every college and university the responsibility for the well-being of every student enrolled and attending their institution. While the depth of the responsibility may differ slightly from state to state and college to college, in loco parentis embodies the expectation of every mother and father that their child will be cared for by the university, whether across the street, across the country or around the world.

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Hundreds of thousands of college freshmen move into college dormitories every fall. Thousand more live off campus. Between the first and last days of classes, college students will suffer from numerous sore throats, colds, upset stomachs, and countless other maladies that prey upon our society. Some will not eat when or what they should. Most will become sleep deprived during long weekends, preparing term papers, preparing for exams, mid-terms, and finals. Many arrive at school with food and other allergies that may have life threatening consequences.

Very few arrive with an accurate and up-to-date medical history or list of prescribed medications. When college students become ill and seek medical treatment, they usually end up in the campus infirmary or the local emergency or minor treatment center. This is when the parents receive the call for help in the middle of the night.

OnlineMedsource offers a web-based interactive personal information system that is secure, scalable, and easy to use. Picture of guys in college When an incoming student first begins the enrollment process, the student and/or the parent may log into our system through a link with the university and complete a university specific health record and medical history. As part of the enrollment packet, each parent and each student receives an identification card that authorizes limited access to a student's medical history. Primary features include:

  • No software, hardware or maintenance contract to purchase
  • Every school-specific form available online in an interactive format
  • Specific security code for every student
  • Access limited to the student, parent and staff on a "need to know" basis
  • Information may be updated online
  • Records can be transferred from school to school or accompany the student upon graduation, at no additional charge
  • Information remains available no matter where the student moves
  • Information is transmitted and available in real-time
  • Plus much more

To learn how OnlineMedsource can assist your college or university to use this system to provide a critical service to your students, contact our home office at (405) 701-0295 or email us at

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