Day Care Centers

Daycare centers have plenty to think about everyday in taking care of their #1 priority, children. What if OnlineMedsource could offer a way to handle the situations that most people don't like to think about? An allergic reaction to food, a suddenly ill child or an accident are all situations that require a fast response to best take care of the child. With our service, you can access the information you need from any computer with an Internet connection, the parent's phone number, the child's Physician, food and drug allergies and more. What would that mean to you and your staff to have such critical information at a moments notice?

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With OnlineMedsource you can not only access the information you need at a moments notice you can also have new parents pre-register their child or children from home. Giving you just the information you need an care about. Imagine saving time and money and offering a safer environment for the children you care for. Now what could be better than that?

Affordable? Absolutely! For about the cost of just one child's tuition for 3 months you can cover your entire Daycare Center. Now that's a deal! Did we mention that the service actually saves you money so once the service is paid for; it will actually increase your profit and lower your overhead. Want to know more? Contact an OnlineMedsource Representative today!

Adult Day Care Centers

Daycare centers, whether for Adults or Children, have a big responsibility to their client's families. Just as our service aids in accessing important information whenever it's needed for small children it can do the same and more for the elderly. Caring for our older population is no easy task. But if the responsibility can be made even a little easier, a little safer a little simpler then why wouldn't you want to implement this service in you agency? Don't let the cost stop you, we've made it easy AND affordable. Hard to believe? Just call your OnlineMedsource Representative today and they can show you how to increase your profit, lower your overhead all while offering a better and safer environment for those you care for.

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Physician/ Facility Referral feature included with our service, you will save the family hours of completing forms and answering questions, making life better and easier for all of those involved. With just a quick click of the mouse you can choose the Patient's Record and forward it to the next Facility with ease. Allowing the family to focus on quality time, not more forms and questions. Let OnlineMedsource show you a better, easier way to navigate today's healthcare system.

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