Nursing Homes & Assisted Living

OnlineMedsource can really simplify stressful times. For example when a family is faced with sending a loved one to a Nursing Home or Assisted Living, Home Health or Hospice, the last thing the family needs is more forms to fill out and more questions to answer.

picture of a nurse

With the Physician/ Facility Referral feature included with our service, you will save the family hours of completing forms and answering questions, making life better and easier for all of those involved.

For those who are living in Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Centers, OnlineMedsource helps the staff and the Patient's Physicians by being able to update and share the Patient's Health Record with all of those Healthcare Providers involved in the Patient's care. The staff has quick access to medical data and information when seconds count. With just a quick click of the mouse you can choose the Patient's Record and forward it to the next Facility with ease. Now they have up-to-date notes and records on the Patient and can better care for and treat them when seen.

Innovator of the Year
2007 Innovator of the Year Award Winner