Frequently Asked Questions about Physician & Healthcare Provider services

Q. My Patients are older, the majority of my patients are over the age of 60 and I don't believe they will use the service. A. Actually our studies show that Patients from 18 to 92 are currently using our service.

Q. I don't know how many of my Patients have Internet at home. A. One of the great things about our service is if the Patient does not have Internet at home, or feel able to complete the forms, they can ask a family member or trusted friend to complete the forms for them. The can simply call and supply the information for the person assisting the Patient.

Q. I'm not sure that my Patients will like the thought of filling out their forms in advance. A. Almost 100% of Patients say the three things they dislike most about any medical appointment is [#1] filling out the forms, [#2] waiting for the appointment to actually begin and [#3] not knowing how much the visit will cost. With all of this said our current Members report that on average 80% of their Patients are enthusiastic about utilizing the service.

Q. What happens if the Patient does not utilize the service? A. Then it is no different than what you do now; they can either fill out the forms in your office or work with your staff to complete the forms online at your office. You can set up a Patient and enter the information yourself if you would like.

Q. What is included in my investment? A. Your investment includes a customized website, the web-based EMR (Electronic Medical Record), three interactive patient forms that your patients can complete online, transcription, patient charts, storage and backups of your data, the domain name, VeriSign encryption, secure hosting, 30 email accounts, hosting for one year and much, much more.

Q. What does it mean to become a member? A. When you sign up for our service you are automatically a member of our community. If other practices are ‘members’ it becomes easier to share information about patients you might refer to one another.

Q. What type of cost savings can I expect? A. The truth is you will realize savings in many areas. Typically 1-2 of these savings areas more than cover the cost of your investment. Most of our current customer practices save tens of thousands per year, when they use our service. For example; your cost for paper charts is eliminated. The system is designed in such a way that you can eliminate outside transcription costs. Phone time handling patient inquiries is greatly reduced. The labor costs associated with “pulling or filing paper charts is eliminated. You will see a dramatic reduction in printing costs, postage costs, manpower and storage of your data. These are just a few of the many cost savings features. The fact is, the service actually pays for itself then it just adds profit to your bottom line.

Q. We have a real problem with "no-shows" in our practice, can your service aid in solving this problem? A. Yes. Your problem is a common one among many Practitioners. We have heard figures as high as 40% of the Patients don't show up for an appointment. Our service boasts a 95% or higher show up rate, when the Patient completes their forms online. Imagine what that will do for your bottom line.

Q. With the Presidential mandate in place for Electronic Health Records by 2014, why should I spend money now on your EMR service instead of another EMR? A. There are several reasons to choose OnlineMedSource(TM). First of all, our service is typically about 50-75% less than most EMR's. Because our EMR is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution, there is a significant cost savings over a server-based software solution. With a SaaS, there is no need for any special hardware. As long as you have internet access in your practice, you’re ready to go. Second, the OnlineMedSource(TM) service does satisfy the Presidential mandate. Third, our system is designed to emulate your workflow processes and utilizes the same forms you currently use, just online as a paperless experience. So we simply take it from the clipboard to the keyboard. This service gives you a productivity tool that looks and feels like your current paper-based system, virtually eliminating the learning curve required for other EMRs.

Q. We already have an EMR, (paperless office) so why would we need your service? A. We fill a void that no other service today can. Having your Patients complete the forms from home online will still save your Practice time and money and possibly lives.

Q. How long will it take to implement the service in our Practice? A. We tell our Members to expect about a 6-8 week development time, once we receive all of the Practice workflow and form information. Once the website and form development is complete, implementation is a matter of getting your approval and publishing the website.

Q. How difficult and time consuming is training? A. Training takes about one hour for your entire staff. That’s it! Our system is so intuitive, most offices take less time to train than one hour and they begin using it the very first day.

Q. How much more is the training and support? A. Zero. We train and support you for no additional cost.

Q. When do we pay for the service? A. We do require full payment at time of signing. If you wish, ask us about our payment plans.

Q. What forms of payment to you accept? A. Your payment can be made by Check or Credit Card. We currently accept MasterCard and Visa.

Q. Once we become members, are there additional fees? Like monthly hosting, updates etc? A. No, the service requires an initial fee for setup and publishing and a very reasonable annual renewal fee for the continuance of the service. Depending on your practice, you may require additional forms to be developed for which a nominal fee is charged for the additional programming labor. We charge a reasonable hourly rate for forms development.

Q. I plan to retire in the next few years, so why would I want to do this? A. Congratulations! Not only will you enjoy the cost savings in the mean time you will also add significant value to the eventual sale of your Practice.

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