Frequently Ask Questions about Patient Services

Q. Can anyone use this site? A. Yes! This site is free and open to the Public. Feel free to use and share this site with others.

Q. What if you are not a patient of any of the physician or healthcare providers listed? A. It's still free to use.

Q. What if I cannot find my physician or healthcare provider's name listed? A. First, recheck the spelling of the physician or healthcare provider's name. If you still cannot locate your physician or healthcare provider, please click here. We will check our database; if he/she is not listed we can contact them for you and invite them to be a part of this site.

Q. What if my Physician is not a part of the system but I still want to use the service to store my own, and/ or my family's information? A. You can. Just go to the Unenrolled Patient link on the home page, there you can sign up and utilize the service on your own. Again there is no charge to the Patient.

Q. I am signed up on the Unenrolled Patient section, but now one of my Physicians is on the service. Do I start over? A. No need. The first time you log onto your Physician's forms and use the same Username and Password you have now, the system will remember all of your information and fill in the forms for you. You only need to complete any unique questions.

Q. I forgot my physician or healthcare provider's name, now what? A. First, begin your search by State, City & Specialty, next you can either scan the entire list of matching physicians or healthcare providers, or if you can remember the first letter of the last name, you can type that into your search, to narrow the results. Search Physicians

Q. Can I locate a dentist on this site? A. Yes. This site invites every type of healthcare provider to become a member, including Surgeons, D.O.'s, Physicians, Chiropractors, Orthodontist and more. See the search page for a complete listing of all physician's and healthcare provider's. Search Physicians

Q. Is the information I am providing my healthcare provider secure. A. Yes. All information that you provide your healthcare provider is entered on a secure server and encrypted so no one but your physician can open and read it.