Who we are

The inspiration for was a direct result of our founder's personal experience as caregiver for her elderly father during the last ten years of his life. Her father was a retired professor, in his mid-eighties who did not fare well during long waiting periods. In a scenario that became all too common, countless hours were spent completing medical history forms on his behalf. Our founder soon realized that every physician's office, emergency facility and hospital was collecting the same information over and over again. During those countless medical visits, she decided that there had to be a better way.

A strategy was needed that would equally benefit the patient, the caregiver, the physicians and their staff. The founder's vision was of a service that allowed for the sharing of patient medical information and files among physicians, hospitals, emergency medical technicians and other healthcare providers. The shared records needed to include the patient's important health information such as medications, allergies, blood type, diseases and conditions. Significant information, such as other physicians, emergency contacts, and basic personal information was also needed. began development in 1999 and became operational in 2003. Currently, medical facilities and physician's offices, in multiple states, are successfully using OnlineMedsource.

The system is fast, easy to use and, most importantly, secure. It is a complete network that allows authorized access to protected files and life-saving information from any computer with Internet access, including an ambulance en route to a hospital.

What we do

OnLineMedsource.Org offers a free, simple and effective way to find medically related information. Visitors can select a physician, locate the nearest pharmacy, or research the newest studies and medical breakthroughs.

Physicians, consumers and healthcare providers will find that OnlineMedsource.Org simplifies research and helps navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

With easy to navigate resource pages, one can quickly find a physician or healthcare provider, search for the newest information on diseases or conditions, sign-up for clinical trials, and even search for a job with one of our member facilities.

Visitors are not required to register before using the search functions.