Electronic Medical Records aren't just the future of medicine; it benefits the physician and their patients. Online Medsource, Inc. has a way of keeping medical information secure, while improving the communication between doctors, nurses and patients. The system reduces the time in the waiting room for the patient and helps medical professionals practice more effective healing. After all, better patient outcomes are what we strive to achieve.

Online Medsource offers a unique service allowing the patient, from the comfort of their home, to securely complete and store health and medical information. The information is then accessible anytime, anywhere, for those authorized by you to see it. Multiple offices can share the information with our "follow me" system.

What's more, we have simplified medical information research for the public. This site is a starting point to find a Physician, check for Drug and Herbal Interaction, sign up for Clinical Trials, even search for a new job. We offer all this and so much more. At Online Medsource we truly care about your health and well being.

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Innovator of the Year
2007 Innovator of the Year Award Winner